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Departure: Predazzo (1.018 m.) - Arrival: Doss dei Laresi, Alpe Cermis (1.278 m.) - Difficulty: medium

1st fraction "Skyroll" - Download route KML

The STARTING POINT of the race will be in the main square of Predazzo.

The first component of the team will reach the arrival of the first fraction at the intermediate station of the chairlift Cermis "DOSS DEI LARESI", on the bike track along the Avisio torrent banks.

Race session regulation: Ski Roll:

1. The competition takes place mainly on bike path with tarmac.
2. The race is open to all athletes of both sexes, over 18 years of age, in order with the registration for the current year, for the Italian Winter Sports Federation.
3. The use of approved hard helmet is mandatory.
4. At least 15 days before the race the route will be visible and will be marked with arrows and kilometres references.
5. The exchange zone will be marked with n. 2 lines 15 meters away from each other. The exchange is carried out from the arriving competitor, with the touch of the hand on any part of the next competitor's body and with the exchange of the "chip" while both competitors are in the exchange area.
6. The competition will have the formula with mass start.
7. The technique is free and you can only use ski rolls; roller skates are prohibited.
8. At the start there will be the delivery of clothing by the athlete, which will be taken at the arrival of the ski roll fraction by the organization staff.

Sessione Skiroll - Fiemme Heroes Race
Sessione Skiroll - Fiemme Heroes Race

Sessione Skiroll - Fiemme Heroes Race
Sessione Skiroll - Fiemme Heroes Race

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