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Race session regulation

1st fraction "Skyroll"

The STARTING POINT of the race will be in the main square of Predazzo.

The first component of the team will reach the arrival of the first fraction at the intermediate station of the chairlift Cermis "DOSS DEI LARESI", on the bike track along the Avisio torrent banks.

1. The competition takes place mainly on bike path with tarmac.
2. The race is open to all athletes of both sexes, over 18 years of age, in order with the registration for the current year, for the Italian Winter Sports Federation.
3. The use of approved hard helmet is mandatory.
4. At least 15 days before the race the route will be visible and will be marked with arrows and kilometres references.
5. The exchange zone will be marked with n. 2 lines 15 meters away from each other. The exchange is carried out from the arriving competitor, with the touch of the hand on any part of the next competitor's body and with the exchange of the "chip" while both competitors are in the exchange area.
6. The competition will have the formula with mass start.
7. The technique is free and you can only use ski rolls; roller skates are prohibited.
8. At the start there will be the delivery of clothing by the athlete, which will be taken at the arrival of the ski roll fraction by the organization staff.

2nd fraction "Vertical Run"

FIRST CHANGE: the skyroller athlete will pass the baton to the runner, who will reach the hut Paion along the ski slope.

Race session regulation: Vertical Run
1. The race will begin, starting with the delivery of the baton by the athlete of the same team of the Ski roll fraction. The path has the following characteristics: difference in altitude m. 950, length of the race m. 3.500.
2. The start will take place in the special zone of exchange; it will be fenced off and signposted.
3. The race route will be properly marked and it will follow the ski slope called Olimpia 2 and Olimpia 1.
4. The Organizing Committee will communicate, on the eve of the race, the maximum race time. It also reserves the right to modify the schedules and the route of the race in case of changed weather conditions - or in case of exceptional circumstances - also occurred during the competition. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to require participants to wear trail shoes in case of bad weather.
5. At any stage of the race the athletes will have to move in an autonomous and self-sufficient way, without help and external assistance, in the event of accidents competitors are required to bring mutual help. The use of sticks is admitted.
6. The arrival of the single fraction will take place on delivery of the baton in the area reserved for the paragliding take-off.
7. The transport of any clothing packed in rucksacks will be arranged from loc. Doss dei Laresi up to the arrival of chair lift / paraglide fraction in loc. Paion del Cermis.
8. Giving notice in advance, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to bring the necessary changes to the present Regulation, in order to improve the success of the event.
9. Only athletes with membership F.I.D.A.L. valid on the date of the race are allowed to participate in the competition.

3rd fraction "Paragliding"
SECOND CHANGE: the runner competitor will pass the baton to the paraglider, who will reach Lago di Tesero passing first around a "buoy" before landing inside the Crosscountry Stadium..

Race session regulation: Paragliding
1) The competition is open to all drivers in order with the existing rules on free flight.
2) The athletes will start independently from the delimited zone for take-off and they will be under the supervision of the Referent of this discipline, who may at any time interrupt take-offs in case he detects the lack of security conditions.
3) The glider will make a speed-race in sight, so as to ensure the visibility of the event from the landing area in the cross-country stadium. The route will imply a buoy positioned in such a manner as not having to gain altitude to be able to still arrive in the landing zone. It is stated that maneuvers of rapid descent (spiral), are prohibited except for ears and ears with speed. In the case in which these maneuvers are carried out, it will be attributed to the pilot the maximum time expected for the fraction.
4) It will be assigned by the Race Director the maximum time expected for the fraction for those athletes who for whatever reason are not able to complete the race, or for whom exceed that maximum time.
5) the classes of single-sea paraglider En-A, B, C, are accepted only if approved.
6) For the free flight, helmet and emergency are required, while harnesses and wings must be approved. Pilots must be provided with regular flight certificate and valid insurance.
7) For safety reasons, every paraglider must carry a LPD radio tuned to a channel to be defined and a charged, working cell phone. Any cancellation of the race fraction will be radioed by the Referent of the discipline.
8) In case of cancellation during the course of the paragliding fraction, all times of the paragliders who have already done the race will be cancelled. It will be created a final ranking that does not take into account the paragliding fraction.
9) The participants of the event have the obligation to keep their behaviour in line with the moral principles of the "Fiemme Heroes Race". They must respect the other participants, the environment, the equipment, housing facilities, and the regulations of their own discipline.

4th fraction "Mountain Bike"
THIRD CHANGE: the paraglider will pass the baton to the cyclist, who will carry out a path on the Lagorai chain to get near the Hotel Nele. Here all the other athletes from each team must gather during the time necessary for the performance of this fraction.

Race session regulation: Mountain Bike
1. The race is open to all cyclists of both sexes over 18 years of age, in order with the registration for the current year, for the Italian Cycling Federation and / or for any other body that promotes sports recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee and in possession of the relative registration card. The cyclists without this card can obtain a daily FCI card at the time of registration, presenting the suitable medical certificate valid for the date of the cycling race.
2. The use of the approved hard helmet is mandatory before-during and after the race.
3. An appeal is made to the civic sense of the participants in order not to throw garbage along the race course, at the start or after the finishing line. Any athlete seen throwing his/her rubbish in the wild will be sanctioned.
4. The race will take place entirely along woodland. The Organizing Committee can change the path of the race in extraordinary circumstances.
5. The athletes accept to participate in the race at their own risk and responsibility. The Organizing Committee rejects any responsibility for accidents, theft, or damages of any kind happened to the participants and to third parties before, during and after the event.
6. Anti-doping controls are possible.

5th fraction "Rafting"
FOURTH CHANGE: all athletes members of the team will get on the raft boat to carry on a rafting descent along the Avisio torrent and get back to Lago di Tesero where the whole team will have to cross the finish line inside the stadium.

Race session regulation: Rafting
The size of the RAF:
1. "Fall in the RAF category annular pneumatic boats, symmetrical or asymmetrical, having a length/width of no more than 2,300/2,350 manufactured with a tolerance of more or less 5 (five) in the two dimensions.
2. It is not permitted to install systems like tie rods, spacers or otherwise modifying the structural dimensions of the watercraft.
3. The bottom structure must allow the floating of the RAF in horizontal, compared to its longitudinal axis.
4. For the size of the ratio it makes faith the manufacturer's declaration; it is subject to the verifications on the field, the results of which will take precedence over the above statements."

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