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Are you ready?

Let's go!!!

1st Ed. Pentathlon Fiemme Heroes Race

Val di Fiemme 18/06/2017

Trentino - Dolomites

5 disciplines

One aim

Skiroll - Vertical Run

Paragliding - Mountain Bike


You will

feel fatigue ...

but never give up

the finish line is waiting for you!

Val di Fiemme

the valley for all kinds of sport:

both in summer and winter

there will be occasions

to have fun all together!

Fiemme Heroes Race


exciting multisport race in the mountains

to test our physical capacity

but also to spend a wonderful day


Sunday, 18th June, 2017 takes off the first sports event in five disciplines of the Dolomites, in Val di Fiemme.

The team relay climbs on grassy slopes, touches the heights, zipping between fir trees and splashing on the water surface.

The three outdoor elements - earth, air and water - variously declined.

Five teammers for five different outdoor sports in the Dolomites of Trentino: SKIROLL, VERTICAL RUN, PARAGLIDING, MTB and RAFTING.

5 specialties of Pentathlon.

This is the "fil rouge" of the Fiemme Heroes Race - the race that will characterize next summer in Val di Fiemme, Trentino and that it is set to become a fix appointment for outdoor's fans and team sports.

A modern evolution of the great team raids that have made the history of the outdoor world in the '90s.

The formula of the Fiemme Heroes Race includes the participation of athletes of five teams (among which there must be at least one female member).

Each member of the team will participate to a single circuit trial that leads through the downhill valley of Ziano di Fiemme and Lago di Tesero and the summit of the Alpe Cermis: in quick succession, the first athlete will start from Predazzo with the skirolls, will climb up to Doss of Laresi, passing the baton to the second that will run a real Vertical Run (950 meters of elevation) up to the peak of Cermis at 2.230 meters.

The third fraction will literally fly down from the mountain with the paraglider to the crosscountry stadium in Lago di Tesero, where the fourth will start with his/her MTB to cover the route of 15 km in the woods above Ziano.

The last fraction will be on a "comfortable" raft boat for reaching all together the arrival after over 4 km of waves and jumps along the Avisio torrent.

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A big thanks goes to our sponsors who support us in this new adventure.